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At the end of the day, I close my eyes,
The future drops by to say hi and dies;
The past pays me a brief revisit too,
Reminding me how painfully time flies.

The times gone by circle around a pyre,
Dancing till the flames grow ice-cold;
The times yet to come rise, revive it,
And take me where possibilities unfold.

I try to awake from the dream – denied,
I claw from within the casket – in vain;
My vanity succumbs to my predicament,
And existence admits to being mundane.

Past and future return for an encore,
Tango in the ashes, in a state enchanté;
Shackled, I am but a prisoner of sleep,
Whether I’m numb or dead, who’s to say?

Frozen in winter time, the snow-clad horizon,
Steals a peek at the sun veiled by a grey curtain.
From a landscape virginal white like a story book Christmas,
She smiles with the faint radiance of a snow-filmed lantern.

Enter spring and the roses, oh how they blossom,
Colours seeping from flowers to the onlooker’s eyes.
She is warmth of the day and the fragrance of night;
She is the moon that shines, and twilight of sunrise.

Summer sun rises, glistering over sands of happiness,
While waves of glory playfully caress the golden shore.
Amid celebrations and festivities, she dwells;
She is the one so oft worshiped in lore of yore.

Autumn arrives a little too soon, bringing home ashen greys,
Welcomed by melancholy of fallen leaves and fruitless trees.
Hues of dullness invade the wilderness of time,
She is now the icy wind that was once cool breeze.

Elle, who holds all the seasons dancing in her palm,
Is the mistress of sunshine, the goddess of rain.
Elle, the mysterious creature most alluring, most intriguing,
Inflicts pain through pleasure and endows pleasure through pain.