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Behind Drawn Curtains

Posted: July 12, 2014 in Dark, Metaphor, Poems

Act 1:
In the wake of the infernal arson you dance – 
The fairy, the virgin, the countess, the witch.
Oh, how they sentenced you to the stake; 
It was one fine Sunday morning centuries ago!

Act 2, Scene 1:
To this day, through the ashes, your face floats,
A weathered charcoal portrait, perverted.
The smoke won’t go down
This dust will never settle

Act 2, Scene 2:
And it’s here, the fateful moment, it has finally arrived
However contrary, today is the tomorrow I dreamed of
As I stand now here before you, barefoot, slab of ice ‘neath my feet, 
My neck squeezed in a noose, my being numbed by the wintry fear,
Waiting, waiting for you to play the final notes of my life’s opus;
“A good day to die”, I hear my demons sing, “A good day indeed!”

The Final Act:
This is the end of euphonic laughter echoing in forests
And thirst-quenching tears pouring out of cloven earth. 
Never would the roses grow again,
Never again shall I taste your pain.
For your name has poisoned my soul,
Exhausting, now, forever my lifeblood.
Refuse not my sacrifice:
A chalice full of my death.

Drink lest thy shadow shalt fade away
Drink lest thy spirit shalt fly away

At the end of the day, I close my eyes,
The future drops by to say hi and dies;
The past pays me a brief revisit too,
Reminding me how painfully time flies.

The times gone by circle around a pyre,
Dancing till the flames grow ice-cold;
The times yet to come rise, revive it,
And take me where possibilities unfold.

I try to awake from the dream – denied,
I claw from within the casket – in vain;
My vanity succumbs to my predicament,
And existence admits to being mundane.

Past and future return for an encore,
Tango in the ashes, in a state enchanté;
Shackled, I am but a prisoner of sleep,
Whether I’m numb or dead, who’s to say?

It’s all here, buried deep in my mind:
In some hidden nooks and crannies.
There are some things I know not; 
Others, I’d rather you didn’t know.

Coated in a film of the mundane and bland, 
I am much more than what meets your eye.
Incarcerated in my head, reside demons;
They feast over my soul for sustenance.

The demons are jolly good company; 
They talk to me about my raison d’être.
Just like happiness, they keep telling me,
It is nought but a mere wild goose chase.

Every time they struggle to break free, 
I push down a pint of the potion of pain.
Should my demons ever take over me,
I will have to walk away from you.